Programming NXT G vs LabView

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Benefits of Labview

Post  ellen223 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:58 pm

Here at the Yellow Jackets we are using Labview for our programing. We like it for many different reasons. First of all, for FLL we usually program with RoboLab, the baby brother, if you will, of Labview. Labview may be more complex but the benefit of power, mathematical variables, text, and computer mode have been very instrumental over the course of the competition. We wish now that we could use Labview for FLL, but there are few qualified software and technical judges as it is. We hope that this may help you in the future for programming, because we have had many troubles with NXT G in the past.

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comments on NXT G vs. Labview

Post  Team Shadowed Craters on Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:21 pm

We have tried both in previous FTC competitions. Remember that NXT-G is actually built upon Labview. Also, the NXT motors are complex devices with gearing and friction and the software is programmed to use feedback from the rotation sensor to optimize the output. Especially at slow speeds, you can sometimes get unexpected behavior from the motor - you're not just programming it to go on and off. The software is actually constantly adjusting the power depending on load, etc.

One annoyance we had with Labview is that you could use certain programming functions or expressions that were valid in Labview but did not actually have a counterpart on the NXT. Only after much headscratching and websearching would we find out that we couldn't use those expressions (e.g. I believe the CASE construct in some switches was what had stymied us) on NXT.

NXT-G occasionally has situations where it won't let you connect certain pieces, or the graphical interface does something that doesn't make any sense. I attribute that to it being built on top of another complex programming platform.

They both have their problems - sorry to say, in FTC we ended up switching to Robot-C and are much happier.

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Programming NXT G vs LabView

Post  OABB 4-H Lego Robots on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:52 pm

Is anyone using LabView to program their robot? If so what advantage do you see it giving you?
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Re: Programming NXT G vs LabView

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