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Clarification from Adminstrator

Post  Pete223 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:05 pm

The Moonbots Admin sent out this email today:

Hello Teams,

I hope you are all well under way for preparing for your final rounds. I have
received several questions recently about the game rules that I would like to
clairfy for you all.

1. What does "visit the crater" mean?

A visit to the crater constitutes having your robot touch the outside rim of
the crater. Your robot does not need to enter the crater.

2. What does "discover the elements" mean?

Discovering the elements means picking up and holding the elements with the
robot. The point value of each element is tallied at the conclusion of the
round. If they are on the robot at the end of the round they are worth their
base value as defined in the rules. If they are returned to your base (either
on the ramp or the main platform) they are worth double if they are on the
base at the end of the round. If they are on your robot and your robot is
touching the base at the end of the round they are also worth double. The
robot can touch the base anywhere - side, ramp, top - are all OK. Remember
judges are allowed to give bonus points for excellence so style counts.

3. Once the robot is at the base can the elements be removed manually by a
team member?

No, the whole round should be completely autonomous. Any human interaction
with the robot after the beginning of the round will incur a penalty. You
also cannot switch attachments, programs, etc. without incuring a penalty.
This was designed to emulate a robot being on its own on the lunar surface.

I hope that clears things up. If you have any additional questions please let
me know. I will have the final round schedule out to you all later this week.

Keep up the good work. All the best,

James Isom
Contest Administrator
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clarification of tasks

Post  Team Shadowed Craters on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:51 am

We had some questions on a few of the tasks and what conditions are necessary to be eligible for points.

"The Robot must visit both craters and discover 'Water Ice' and 'Helium 3'. "
Two questions - what does "visit" mean and what does "discover" mean?

"Visit both craters" could mean:
1) obtaining the loops is sufficient [a long arm might allow this without actually touching crater rim],
2) robot must also touch the crater rim, or
3) robot must actually enter the crater/go over the rim.

"discover 'Water Ice' and 'Helium 3' " could mean:
1) If you touch the element loops without retrieving them does this still count as DISCOVERY (i.e. robot found them)?
2) moving them from their original location counts as DISCOVERY (even if you don't get them on the robot)?
3) or do you have to actually pick the elements up off the surface and put them on the robot to get the points?
and if the robot drops the loops at some point before returning to base, does that still count as having DISCOVERed the elements? (of course returning the elements to base doubles the points, but if you don't get them all the way back to base, can you still get points for discovering them?)

RETURN TO BASE - touching the landing base
What counts as the landing base?
Does the ramp count as landing base, or does the robot need to climb up the ramp to at least touch the starting platform somewhere?

The picture from the one-page description shows element loops on the starting platform. Could the elements be left on the ramp?
If the robot drags the elements behind itself and only the robot touches the BASE, does that count for double point bonus? do the elements have to be in the "airspace" of the starting platform (and/or ramp)?

Team Shadowed Craters

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